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Strong, waterproof,...
Price 123.00 zł tax excl.
151.29 zł tax incl.

A general purpose waterproof apron, resistant to high and low temperatures. Available in blue and orange.

Dimensions (L x W)

100 x90 cm,

110 x 90 cm,

120 x 90 cm,

130 x 90 cm,

140 x 90 cm ..

A white, strong, waterproof...
Price 108.00 zł tax excl.
132.84 zł tax incl.

By far the strongest and most-bought apron designed for demanding users.

A general purpose waterproof apron, resistant to high and low temperatures.

Available in white. Width 100 cm.

Waterproof slaughter apron...
Price 142.00 zł tax excl.
174.66 zł tax incl.

Dimensions (L x W): 120 x 160.

Available in white.

Made of material with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

Extra slaughter apron intended for slaughterhouses, butchers, poultry plants.

fartuch roboczy wzmocniony obustronnie powlekany
Price 51.00 zł tax excl.
62.73 zł tax incl.

Working apron coated on both sides. Intended for the meat and food industry. Available in yellow, blue and white.

Dimensions (L x W)

100 x 100 cm,

110 x 100 cm,

120 x 100 cm,

130 x 100 cm,

140 x 100 cm.

fartuch roboczy woododporny , żółty , biały , niebieski
Price 111.00 zł tax excl.
136.53 zł tax incl.

Light and durable slaughter apron. Application - slaughterhouses, butchers, poultry plants, fish processing plants. Available in blue, white and yellow.

Dimensions (L x W)

110 x125 cm,

120 x 125 cm,

130 x 125 cm,

140 x 125 cm.

Reinforced apron with...
Price 132.00 zł tax excl.
162.36 zł tax incl.

Coated apron, wide, front and rear covering. The light weight of the apron is distributed over the shoulders. Resistant to organic liquids, detergents and sudden temperature changes. Application: slaughterhouses, butchers, poultry plants, fish processing plants, cleaning services, etc.

Size: 125 cm wide. x 120 cm long

The food industry is an industry with very strict regulations regarding hygiene and maintaining safety at an appropriate level, especially in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. That is why our company has such an extensive range of articles in the category of protection and health and safety, which comply with the relevant standards and allow you to effectively protect employees against various types of threats.

We offer disposable masks made of hypoallergenic, 3-layer polypropylene non-woven fabric that allows free ventilation. We also have single-use and reusable clothing, including stainless steel chain mails and metal gloves that provide great protection against cuts with sharp butcher knives.

Our assortment also includes aprons in various variants (e.g. waterproof), aprons, overalls, as well as functional clothing for cold stores and freezers.

Of course, we have a wide range of accessories: first aid kits, knife sheaths, forearm covers, or even dressing plasters.