Protective leather gloves, single-fingered

Leather protective gloves, similar to kitchen gloves, with cuffs, measuring approximately 45 cm x 15 cm

Special protection - leather protective gloves

Splattering fats, boiling water, or scalding steam – kitchens pose a significant risk of burns to hands and forearms. Whether it's a professional kitchen in the catering industry, a restaurant kitchen, or a bakery, these sturdy leather protective gloves significantly reduce the risk of burns and provide optimal protection for your hands during work. Leather protective gloves offer thermal protection up to +250°C.

These exceptionally durable protective gloves are made of lined leather and measure approximately 45 cm in length, including cuffs, which means they also protect the delicate forearm area. Thanks to the hanging loop, they can be conveniently stored.

Kitchen gloves offer guaranteed thermal protection up to about +250°C. To maintain this functionality in the long term, leather protective gloves should not be machine-washed. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. Even if you cannot completely remove certain stains, it is much more important to protect your hands and forearms than to have gloves that look like new.

Technical data:

  • Material: leather, lined
  • Available in various designs.
  • Heat resistance up to approximately +250°C
  • Note: Not suitable for machine washing!

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