PVC Suspenders Apron

If you need reliable protection and comfort while working in the food industry, our PVC suspenders apron is the perfect solution. Made from high-quality materials, it provides not only durability but also excellent protection against stains and moisture. Its classic white design is practical and suitable for various work environments.

One of the key features of this apron is its adjustability. It has an adjustable waist tie that allows you to customize the size to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, the adjustable neck strap with a buckle makes wearing the apron comfortable and convenient even during long hours.

This apron is made from a blend of materials, including 80% PVC and 20% polyester, making it resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Its weight of 470 g/m2 ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting use.

The PVC suspenders apron is not only a practical work tool but also a protective element that helps maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace. Whether you work in a kitchen, grocery store, or warehouse, this apron will meet your expectations in terms of quality and usability. With a length of 90 cm and a width of 66 cm, it provides adequate coverage for the entire front body area. Choosing our PVC suspenders apron means investing in reliability and dependability at every stage of your work.

Key Features:

  • Available in one size: 90x66 cm.
  • Adjustable waist tie.
  • Adjustable neck strap with a buckle.

Technical data:

Material: 80% PVC, 20% polyester - weight 470 g/m2.
Length: 90 cm
Width: 66 cm


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