Bakery oven gloves, leather, exceptionally heat-resistant

Whether you work in a commercial kitchen, a cozy bistro kitchen, or your own home kitchen, speed is often crucial. A pan needs to be removed from the stove quickly, a hot tray must be taken out of the oven, and steamed vegetables are ready for extraction. The risk of burning your fingers, hands, or even your arms is not insignificant, underscoring the importance of high-quality protection for every cook.

Safe protection for hands and arms - leather bakery oven gloves

These exceptionally heat-resistant leather bakery oven gloves are a valuable addition to your protection and are available in both mitten and split-finger designs. Heat protection up to +300°C and exceptional comfort thanks to the leather glove construction.

These light gray bakery oven gloves are crafted from high-quality buffalo leather, specially treated to provide excellent heat protection. As a result, these gloves can be used in temperatures up to approximately +300°C, a feature confirmed by their CE certification. The bakery oven gloves have cuffs and an overall length of about 45 cm to protect the wrists and lower arms. The interior of the gloves is made of a specially designed polyester material, ensuring exceptional comfort.

Buffalo leather bakery oven gloves offer exceptional heat resistance and are available in both mitten and split-finger designs.

The gloves are incredibly durable, and signs of wear are a natural feature over time. Stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but to maintain the protective properties of these bakery oven gloves, they should not be machine washed.

Technical data:

  • Material: leather, lined inside
  • Color: light gray
  • Size: approximately 45 cm x 19 cm with long cuffs (approximately 25 cm)
  • Exceptionally heat-resistant up to approximately +300°C
  • Caution: not suitable for machine washing!


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