Kitchen Spatula with Wooden Handle, Length 33 cm, Scraper Width 7 cm

Every kitchen deserves reliable tools, and our Kitchen Spatula with Wooden Handle is an essential piece of equipment. Whether you are an experienced chef or someone passionate about cooking and baking, this spatula will prove itself in various situations.

Key Product Features:

  • Handle Material: Wood, providing a comfortable and natural grip.
  • Scraper Material: Flexible white rubber, perfectly tailored to various applications.
  • Available in various sizes to meet diverse kitchen needs.
  • Resistant to short-term exposure to temperatures up to +100°C, enabling safe use in different conditions.
  • Hanging hook for convenient storage, ensuring order in the kitchen.

Safety in food contact is a priority, which is why our spatula is made from white rubber, free from harmful substances. The flexible and durable material ensures effective and safe use of this indispensable kitchen tool.

Choose our Kitchen Spatula with Wooden Handle and experience comfort, reliability, and elegance in every culinary task.

Technical data:

Handle material: Wood
Scraper material: Flexible Rubber
Color: White
Dimensions: 33 x 7 cm
Temperature resistance: +100°C (short-term)
Hanging Hook: Yes


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