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  • 50.00 zł - 479.00 zł

Work in a slaughterhouse and in a butcher's shop requires special care for the safety of the employee, which will be ensured by an anti-cut apron. In our online store Wammashop.pl you will find high-quality aprons that guarantee protection of body parts exposed to injuries. We have prepared high-quality chain mail and forearm covers that meet the highest safety standards. Try them out!

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Price 35.70 zł tax excl.
43.91 zł tax incl.

Forearm cover made of transparent plastic. Size L, XL.

Delivery time 3 business days.

Why is it worth choosing our anti-cut apron?

The anti-cut apron available in the offer of our online store has all the necessary approvals that confirm its reliability. The metal apron is also relatively light so as not to restrict your freedom of movement while working. This is possible thanks to the even weight distribution. To make the apron more comfortable, adjust its dimensions to the size of the worker. Also make sure that the diameter of the eyelets matches the type of knives you are using. This way, you will provide the best protection for the chest, abdomen, hips, groin and upper thighs.