Temperature difference measuring device working with the mobile application, Testo 922

With the compact 2-channel temperature measuring instrument testo 922 (connection of 2 thermocouples type K, 2 probes included) you have a versatile solution for simple, quick and precise differential temperature measurement, e.g. when checking the flow/return temperature in heating systems.

The testo Smart App supports you with useful functions such as measuring instrument configuration, display (also as a second screen) and storage as well as documentation of measured values directly in the app.

Key product features:

  • Easy, fast and precise temperature difference measurement with 2 type K thermocouple probes (2 TC type K probes included)
  • Quick setup in the app, graph history, second screen function and measurement data storage in the testo Smart App
  • Wide range of applications thanks to the large measuring range from -50°C to 1000°C
  • Large selection of probes, optional and compatible with commercially available K-type TC sensors

Professionals appreciate the compact differential temperature measuring device testo 922 for its versatility: it not only determines the temperature quickly and precisely, but also calculates the temperature difference directly - and this over a wide measuring range from -50 °C to +1000 °C. This means that measurements can be completed as quickly as documentation using the practical testo Smart App for smartphone and tablet.

A typical application for the testo 922 is, for example, the flow/return temperature control of heating circuit valves. Two K-type thermocouple probes are included, but the testo 922 is also compatible with other commonly available K-type TC probes.

In addition: the testo Smart App supports the user not only in documenting the measurement results. The intelligent assistant also takes care of the configuration of the testo 922 and the display and storage of the measured values. A particularly practical function: the app also turns your smartphone into a second display.

Set contains:

  • Testo 922, 2-channel temperature meter for thermocouples type K, cooperation with a mobile application,
  • With sound alarm function
  • 2 x K-type TC probe
  • Transport bag
  • Manufacturer's calibration protocol
  • 3 x AA batteries

Technical data:

General technical data


191 g


135 x 60 x 28 mm

Working temperature:

-20 do +50 °C

Housing material:


Security class:

IP40; IP65 with TopSafe

Battery type:

3x AA

Battery life:

120 h

Storage temperature:

-20 do +50 °C

Temperature measurement - Type K (NiCr-Ni)

Measurement range:

-50 do +1000 °C


±(0,5 °C + 0,3 % of mv) (-50 to +1000 °C)


0,1 °C (-50 do +499,9 °C)

1 °C (remaining range)

0563 0922

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