Professional food thermometer - testo 105

The testo 105 food thermometer was specially developed for the food industry. It has an ergonomic shape, a backlit display, an audible or optical alarm informing about exceeding the temperature limits; wall / belt holder.

The temperature probe can be very easily cleaned under running water. Protection class: IP65 The testo 105 food thermometer, like all other Testo temperature measuring instruments dedicated to the food industry, complies with EN 13485 and HACCP.

The testo 105 food thermometer - the application

Depending on the temperature probes - standard or 200 mm long, the testo 105 thermometer can be used in food production, food admission to storage, temperature measurement of frozen products in cold stores, supermarkets.

  • Strong construction and waterproof (IP65).
  • Can be washed under running water.
  • Interchangeable measuring tips: standard temperature probe (optional) / long probe (optional) / temperature probe for frozen food.
  • Audible or visual alarm when the desired temperature limits are exceeded HACCP, EN 13485 - compliance with standards.

A thermometer with a probe is used in the food industry to measure the temperature of products such as meat, cheese. The testo 105 food thermometer has a robust design and interchangeable measuring probes.

Technical data:

General technical data


204 g (incl. belt clip and batteries)

156 g (incl. batteries)


148 x 38 x 195 mm (with probe)

148 x 38 x 73 mm (without probe)

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 °C

Product-/housing material


Protection class


Product colour


Length probe shaft

100 mm

Length probe shaft tip

36 mm

Diameter probe shaft

5 mm

Diameter probe shaft tip

2.3 mm

Switch on/off

10 min

Measuring rate

0.5 s


EN 13485

Battery type

4 x Button cell LR44

Battery life

80 h

Display type

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Display size


Storage temperature

-40 to +70 °C

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-50 to +275 °C


±0.5 °C (-20 to +100 °C)

±1.0 °C (-50 to -20.1 °C)

±1 % of mv (+100.1 to +275 °C)


0.1 °C

Reaction time

t₉₉ = 10 s

0563 1051

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