Professional food thermometer - testo 105

The testo 105 food thermometer was specially developed for the food industry. It has an ergonomic shape, a backlit display, an audible or optical alarm informing about exceeding the temperature limits; wall / belt holder.

The temperature probe can be very easily cleaned under running water. Protection class: IP65 The testo 105 food thermometer, like all other Testo temperature measuring instruments dedicated to the food industry, complies with EN 13485 and HACCP.

The testo 105 food thermometer - the application

Depending on the temperature probes - standard or 200 mm long, the testo 105 thermometer can be used in food production, food admission to storage, temperature measurement of frozen products in cold stores, supermarkets.

Strong construction and waterproof (IP65).

Can be washed under running water.

Interchangeable measuring tips: standard temperature probe (optional) / long probe (optional) / temperature probe for frozen food.

Audible or visual alarm when the desired temperature limits are exceeded HACCP, EN 13485 - compliance with standards.

A thermometer with a probe is used in the food industry to measure the temperature of products such as meat, cheese. The testo 105 food thermometer has a robust design and interchangeable measuring probes.

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