Touchless Kitchen Thermometer, HENDI

The touchless kitchen thermometer for food by HENDI is an excellent tool that facilitates precise temperature measurement in the kitchen. With the touchless measurement feature, the thermometer is hygienic and convenient to use, allowing temperature readings without direct contact with food products.

The HOLD function allows the retention of the measured temperature, which is useful for recording results or data analysis. Automatic shutdown supports energy efficiency, and powered by a 9V battery (included), it ensures mobility and readiness for use at any time. The quick response time enables rapid temperature measurement, crucial in the dynamic kitchen environment.

The technical specifications of the thermometer include a wide temperature range from -32°C to 400°C, enabling accurate measurements in various situations. Temperature units can be easily switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The digital control panel makes the thermometer user-friendly and intuitive.

Technical data:

Temperature Range from / Minimum Temperature (°C): -32
Temperature Range to / Maximum Temperature (°C): 400
Temperature Unit: Celsius, Fahrenheit
Height (mm): 150
Length (mm): 37
Control Panel: Digital
EAN: 8711369271148
Net Weight (kg): 0.164
Width (mm): 70
Battery Included: Yes

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