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Ring knife for cutting yarn, fibers, and strings

The compact ring knife, GIESSER 896698, is a precise tool designed specifically for the food industry. Its application excels in cutting fibers, yarn, and strings, making it an ideal instrument for workers involved in food production.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this finger-worn knife adapts to any finger size, providing comfort and flexibility in use. Three pieces in one package ensure the availability of this indispensable tool in various situations.

The knife's construction, made of durable plastic, makes it lightweight yet sturdy, which is essential in industrial conditions. Despite its small size, this knife effectively handles cutting, making it an ideal tool in the food production sector.

Additionally, the knife is detectable by metal detectors, a crucial feature ensuring safety in the production environment, especially where there is a risk of contact with food.

The GIESSER 896698 ring knife is a practical and functional tool that performs exceptionally well in daily work, providing precision, comfort, and essential functionality. By investing in this product, you are investing in efficiency and safety in the food industry.

  • The package includes 3 pieces

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