PremiumCut Wave knife, Tree of live

PremiumCut Wave No. 1 Tree of Life is a unique bread and multi-purpose knife that will delight you with its design and perfection in every detail. Equipped with a handle made from the unique root of the thuja tree, this knife is extremely exclusive. The root of the thuja tree, also called the tree of life, is an extremely durable wood. Each handle is absolutely unique. Thanks to the highest quality polishing processes, the wood has a velvety texture, and the handle is very comfortable and secure in the hand.

Wave No. Knife 1 is also characterized by its unique blade. Made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel, the blade is extremely sharp and has a serrated edge. Whether you have the toughest bread crust - the blade of the knife should be at least as long as the bread to be cut, but better if it has a longer cutting edge - or large and hard fruits and vegetables, this knife glides gently, precisely and effortlessly through the hardest material.

Wave No. Knife 1 is delivered in an exclusive wooden case, complete with a blade guard. The careful and delicate workmanship of the handle makes this knife extremely gentle on the hand. However, be careful! This knife is particularly sharp and should be used with care.

  • The handle is made of exquisite thuja root wood
  • Chrome molybdenum steel blade
  • Very sharp serrated edge
  • In an exclusive wooden box
  • Includes protective blade cover

Technical data:

  • Blade length: 25cm
  • The blade is made of chrome-molybdenum steel
  • The handle is made of thuja wood.
  • Total length: approx. 40cm
  • The blade is curved, semi-flexible and serrated
  • Brown color
  • Manufacturer code: 1920 s in 25 tol

1930 s w 25 tol

Data sheet

Blade flexibility
Blade type
Serrated blade
Blade length

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