Professional knife, 30 cm long, Giesser

The knife is unique in shape, construction and workmanship. For many people, at first glance, a 30-centimeter blade may seem a bit scary. However, there is no cause for concern. This knife is not too heavy and provides precise and safe cuts. The hand-made blade strengthens and uses the advantages of a long blade. It can be used in a variety of applications, both as a meat knife and a kitchen knife, both on the grill and in the kitchen.

It is distinguished by excellent cutting guidance. Every cut becomes a real pleasure. However, it is not only the handcrafting of this masterpiece that is important. At GIESSER, we also attach great importance to the use of modern machinery and equipment. The blade hardening process is carried out using the most modern vacuum technology, during which the blades are heated to 1050°C and then cooled with nitrogen. The result is blades with a hardness of 56-57 HRC, guaranteeing the best cutting edge durability. The GIESSER knife specialists also attach great importance to the selection and design of the handles.

The handle is also an unusual element. Orange-yellow-black made of high quality acrylic. Each handle is unique because each cover has a slightly different pattern and the shape of the handle is precisely tailored to the user's needs. This kitchen knife fits perfectly in the hand and perfectly supports safe cutting. But beware! This knife is extremely sharp and should be used with due respect. This unique and valuable kitchen knife should always be hand washed with care and stored in a safe place (out of the reach of children).

Technical data:

  • Blade length: 30cm
  • The blade is made of chrome-molybdenum steel
  • The handle is made of high quality acrylic
  • Total length: approx. 45cm
  • Blade pointing upwards
  • Orange color
  • Manufacturer code: 1900 s 30 so

1900 s 30 so

Data sheet

Blade flexibility
Blade type
Standard blade
Blade length

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