Butcher's Boning Knife - 15 cm, Semi-Flexible, Curved, by DICK

ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife - Performance and Reliability in Your Hands!

The ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife is the perfect combination of performance, precision, and reliability in one tool. This exceptional knife, designed for meat trimming and bone deboning, has been created with professionals in mind, valuing excellent quality and comfort during work.

Advanced Blade Features:

  1. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, subjected to a special hardening process, ensuring a hardness level of 56° HRC. This guarantees the blade retains its sharpness even with intensive use, significantly reducing the need for sharpening.
  2. The precise blade geometry ensures every cut piece of meat or fish is even and precise.

Ergonomic Design for Full Control:

  1. The ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife has been designed with comfort and user safety in mind. Equipped with a sturdy, non-slip handle with a rounded back, it provides a secure grip even with wet or oily hands.
  2. The wide thumb rest improves the knife's balance in your hand, giving you full control over the cutting process.
  3. Additionally, the ergonomic handle shape reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use, enabling smooth and efficient work.

Top-Level Hygiene:

  1. In consideration of hygiene and safety, we have implemented special design solutions for the ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife.
  2. The blade is precisely connected to the handle, leaving no space for the accumulation of contaminants.
  3. Furthermore, the polished blade surface minimizes residue adhesion, facilitating cleaning and preventing corrosion.
  4. The handle made of high-quality plastic is resistant to high temperatures, shocks, and abrasion, retaining its properties over time.

Versatile Knife for Professionals:

  1. The ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife is a versatile tool suitable for various applications. It is ideal for meat trimming, bone deboning, vegetable cutting, and fish filleting.
  2. Whether in a restaurant, meat processing plant, or for home use, this knife will meet your expectations and speed up your work.

Choose the ErgoGrip Butcher's Boning Knife and experience cutting excellence!

Technical Details:

Series: ErgoGrip
Blade length: 150 mm
Width: 2,24 cm
Height: 3,70 cm
Total length: 28,28 cm
Blade type: semi-flexible
Weight: 0,11 kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Data sheet

Blade flexibility
Blade type
Standard blade
Blade length

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