Pipe valve for the drinker

The pipe valve for the K75, G51, HP20, E21, H10 drinking bowls by Kerbl is a complete and robust element that is compatible with the K75, G51, HP20, E21 and H10 drinking bowls. This product has a net weight of 2,048 kg, which proves its solid construction. The pipe valve provides reliable control of water flow in the drinkers of these models, which allows you to control access to water for animals. Thanks to easy assembly, the pipe valve is convenient to use.

Pipe valve for K75, G51, HP20, E21, H10 drinkers by Kerbl is an essential element that ensures effective and precise feeding of water to animals. Thanks to its durability and compatibility with different models of drinkers, it is a reliable solution for growers.

Technical data:

Brand: KERBL
Color: Black
EAN code: 5908266954721
Weight: 2.048 kg

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