Single feeder, wide spacing

The single feeder from Kerbl with a wide bar spacing is a practical tool for feeding animals. The feeder is galvanized, which ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions.

This feeder is designed to be mounted on the wall, which makes it easier for the animals to access the feed. The spacing of the bars is 94 mm, which allows free feeding of animals, while controlling the amount of feed consumed. The net weight of the product is 3.1 kg, which proves the solid construction of the single feeder. It is a lightweight but durable product that ensures comfortable and effective feeding of animals.

The Kerbl single feeder is a reliable tool for a variety of applications, from pet rearing to farms. Thanks to its simplicity and durable construction, this feeder ensures effective and comfortable feeding of animals, which translates into good health and condition of animals.

Technical data:

Color: Steel
EAN code: 4018653327036
Weight 3.1 kg

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