Mobile milking machine for cows

The mobile milking machine for cows by Can Agri is a perfect device for small and medium-sized herds of animals. It is a single cup milking machine with one apparatus, which provides convenience and efficiency in the milking process. One of the main advantages of this milking machine is the possibility of transporting a can of milk in a mobile milking machine. This allows the milker to focus on milking and decanting the milk into the collection tank becomes faster and more efficient.

The milking machine is very easy to use and has a small number of consumables and replaceable parts. Thanks to this, the maintenance and maintenance of the device is simple and convenient. The technical parameters of the milking machine include a two-wheel trolley with one handle, a dry pump with a power of 0.55 kW and a power supply of 230 V / 50 Hz. The pump capacity is 200 l/min, and the noise level during operation is 70 dB. The bubble is made of stainless steel with a capacity of 30 liters. The weight of the milking machine is 55 kg.

The Can Agri mobile milking machine for cows is a practical and reliable device that facilitates the milking process and provides comfort for both the milker and the animals. It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized herds for efficient and hygienic milk collection.

The product is covered by a warranty period of 12 months, which provides additional reassurance and protection for the user.

Technical data:

EAN code: 5902385804073
Pump type: dry
Weight: 48 kg
Power pump: 0,55 kW
Power supply: 230 V , 50 Hz
Pump capacity: 200 l/min
Noise level during operation: 70 dB
Large milk jug(capacity): 30 litres

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