Mobile milking machine - pump paddles

Vanes for the vacuum pump, made of graphite, are dedicated to mobile milking machines with numbers 01-5917 and 01-5918. They are a key element of the vacuum pump, ensuring the effective operation of the device.

The blades made of graphite are extremely durable and resistant to operating conditions. Their high quality guarantees long-term use and minimal wear. These specially designed paddles are a perfect match for mobile milking machines 01-5917 and 01-5918. They ensure reliable operation of the vacuum pump and contribute to an efficient milking process. The dimensions of the blades are 4.93 x 70 x 43 mm. Their precise workmanship ensures optimal performance of the vacuum pump.

Graphite vacuum pump vanes are an essential element that ensures the effective operation of mobile milking machines. Their durability, adaptation to specific milking machine models and precise workmanship translate into efficient and reliable operation of the vacuum pump.

Technical data:

Material: Graphite
EAN code: 5902385805582
Weight: 0.2 kg
Length: 4,93mm
Width: 70mm
Height: 43mm

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