Livestock Marking Spray

RAIDEX Livestock Marking Spray is an effective and safe tool, perfect for marking cattle, pigs, and sheep. The innovative formula of this spray allows for precise and durable marking of animals, while eliminating direct contact with their skin. This is a crucial safeguard that prevents the transfer of microorganisms between animals.

Key features of RAIDEX spray:

  1. Contactless Marking:

    • During the marking process, there is no direct contact with the animal's skin, minimizing the risk of transferring microorganisms between animals.
  2. Safety in Application:

    • The spray is very safe to use, making it ideal for marking livestock in various conditions.
  3. Efficiency and Quick Drying:

    • The spray is highly efficient, and its intensely colored formula dries quickly, avoiding color smudging.
  4. Effectiveness Across Different Species:

    • RAIDEX spray is suitable for marking cattle, pigs, and sheep. Special formulations are available for different animal species.
  5. Application:

    • By applying the spray to the animal's back from a distance of approximately 20 cm, you can achieve a durable and clear mark. The color remains visible for an average of 2 weeks on pigs and slightly longer on cattle.

RAIDEX Livestock Marking Spray is not only an effective means of identifying animals but also a tool that cares for their health and hygiene. Its use allows for precise marking of animals, which is essential for both breeders and the health monitoring of the herd.

Dimensions: 23.3 x 7 x 7 cm

Weight: 480 g


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