Standard X arms with a straight cable for STZ-7 device

Standard X arms with a straight cable for the STZ-7 device are essential tools that enable effective and safe stunning of livestock, such as pigs and cattle. These arms, equipped with a long 8-meter cable, work seamlessly with the STZ-7 device, allowing for the efficient execution of the stunning process. Crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, polyoxymethylene copolymer, rubber compound, copper, and polypropylene, they ensure durability, solidity, and reliability.

Arms with a long cable (8m) are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the STZ-7 device. They serve as reliable tools for the professional and ethical stunning of livestock, including pigs and cattle, within the meat industry. They offer efficiency and effectiveness in the process while meeting the highest safety standards.

Technical data:

Name: Animal stunning arms
Symbol: X/7
Index: M0045/7
Purpose: Pigs, Cattle
Operating current voltage: < 400 V
Operating current intensity: < 2.5 A
Duty cycle: S2 240
Protection class: I
Degree of protection: IP55
Test report: B/2021/107
Pressure: Manual
Materials: Stainless steel; Brass; Polyoxymethylene copolymer; Rubber compound; Copper; Polypropylene
Total length: 980 mm
Jaw spacing: 60 ÷ 570 mm
Net weight: 3.3 kg
Gross weight: 4.15 kg
Cable: AM0068 - straight - 8m

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