X-Type Stunning Tongs with Straight Cable - Effective and Safe Tool for Stunning Animals

Our X-type stunning tongs with a straight cable provide a reliable solution for the efficient and safe stunning of animals, including pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats. Crafted from stainless steel, these tongs ensure durability and robust construction, which is crucial when working with live livestock.

The innovative straight cable attached to the handle allows for ergonomic handling, and the rubber handles ensure a secure grip, even in challenging conditions. The tongs are designed for easy maneuvering, enabling the operator to perform precise actions during the stunning process.

An essential aspect of the effectiveness of this tool is the precise placement of the electrodes delivering electrical current. The optimal area is between the eye and ear on both sides of the animal's head, with dry skin. The force of electrode pressure and its stability also influence the efficiency of stunning, depending on the operator's experience. Additional factors such as the size and breed of the animal, age, feeding method, and the state of calmness before slaughter affect the process.

Regular monitoring of wear and cleanliness of the "teeth" on the electrodes, including length, sharpness, and quantity, is crucial. Routine maintenance and maintaining the electrodes in impeccable condition are key to preserving the tool's effectiveness. The lower the wear, the better the electrical contact, resulting in safe and effective stunning.

In summary, our X-type stunning tongs not only guarantee solidity and durability in construction but also provide an innovative solution for efficiently and safely carrying out the animal stunning process. The specifications include a weight of 3.0 kg, dimensions of 830 x 60-500 mm, and a straight cable with a length of 7 meters. With these parameters, the tool is easy to handle, effective, and reliable, meeting all the requirements for professional work in livestock farming and animal slaughter.

Technical data:

Name: X Stunning Tongs
Symbol: X
Index: M0045
Purpose: Swine, Cattle
Operating Current Voltage: < 400 V
Operating Current Intensity: < 2.5 A
Operating Cycle: S2 240
Protection Class: II
Protection Degree: IP55
Test Report: LBER/02/13
Pressure: Manual
Materials: Stainless steel; Brass; Copolymer polyoxymethylene; Rubber compound; Copper; Polypropylene
Total Length: 980 mm
Clamping Range: 60 ÷ 570 mm
Net Weight: 3.15 kg
Gross Weight: 4 kg
Cable: AM0058 - Straight - 8m

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