Pressure wheels for skinning machines

Pressure wheels for skinning machines, available in our offer, are not only various in hardness but also a guarantee of high-quality craftsmanship. Each type of wheel has been carefully designed to meet the diverse requirements of the food industry. Whether soft wheels, perfect for delicate meats, or hard wheels, designed for denser products, they ensure precise and efficient meat processing. Medium-hard wheels are excellent for pork processing, while medium-soft wheels are characterized by their versatile application.

Our pressure wheels are made of durable material resistant to mechanical damage. This ensures not only effective operation but also long-lasting durability. Regardless of the specifics of the processed products, we offer comprehensive solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the skinning processes.

Wheels fit skinning machines:

  • Maja
  • Townsend 1
  • Townsend 2
  • Weber
  • Weber Ø 240 mm
  • Grasselli, Nock

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