Extension arm for the KAWE herding stick

The extension arm for the KAWE herding stick by Kerbl is an excellent solution for professional users seeking an efficient and safe tool for working with livestock. Designed with optimal performance in mind, this extension arm stands out not only for its functionality but also for its robust construction.

Its ergonomic design, equipped with protrusions, allows stable placement in the extending arm. This ensures that the KAWE herding stick remains securely positioned, translating into effective and reliable use in various livestock conditions.

Constructed from polycarbonate, the material gives the extension arm 100% flexibility, making it resistant to cracks and fractures. These are crucial features, especially considering the intensive use in the agricultural environment, where tools must meet specific conditions.

The extension arm for the Kawe herding stick, Kerbl 21 KATHREIN, is made from durable synthetic material, complemented by a practical hanging handle. With a length of 75.8 cm, it is ideal for handling livestock in various conditions.

Technical data:

Brand: KERBL
Material: Synthetic material
Length: 75.8 cm
Diameter of the herding stick handle: 4.5 cm
Diameter of the handle: 3.2 cm
Color: Gray
Net weight: 0.224 kg
Hanging handle: Yes
EAN code: 4018653110263

The extension arm for the KAWE herding stick by Kerbl is not just a tool; it is a guarantee of effective and safe livestock handling. High-quality materials and careful craftsmanship make it an essential piece of equipment for professional breeders and users working in the zootechnical industry.


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