Electric animal prod ROB SET, 70cm

Perfect for working in a humid environment. Solid plastic construction. Activated by a button.

A practical, safe, effective device that is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic shape. The prodder, which is battery-operated, is built with the best components and made of impact-resistant material with a high insulating capacity. The housing is made of non-conductive plastic. The plastic insulates against the leakage of the output voltage even in the area around the electrodes. The device is very easy to use. To operate, just press the only button on the side of the device.

The output voltage depends on many environmental factors and the charge level of the batteries. In any case, the output voltage is very high, therefore the device may only be operated by persons trained in the handling of animals. The electrodes (i.e. the ends of the sticks) must be placed on the animal to get the desired effect.

Its most important features are:

  • Currently the most advanced device available
  • Extremely efficient, safe and practical to use
  • Safety guaranteed by compliance with CEI regulations during the production of each component
  • Maximum operator safety

Technical data:

Battery powered: 3 x R14
Voltage: 4500 V
Weight with batteries:

70 cm - 496 g

Start button:


Acoustic signal: No

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