Backup battery for AniShock Pro 2500 Stock Prod, Kerbl

The battery in the package for the AniShock Pro 2500 Stock Prod, Kerbl, is a reliable power source that ensures continuous readiness and full functionality of your device. Specially designed to work with the AniShock Pro 2500 Stock Prod from the renowned Kerbl brand, this battery is created to provide not only reliability but also efficiency during daily use.

This battery is delivered in a practical package, facilitating its storage and transport. It is an ideal solution for those who need an additional power source for their stock prod and for those who want to have a spare battery on hand if needed.

One of the key advantages of this battery is its compatibility with charging using a battery charger. This makes it easy and convenient to charge the battery, ensuring that your device is always ready for action.

The Kerbl brand, known for its reliability and innovation, guarantees that the battery in the package for the AniShock Pro 2500 will meet your expectations in terms of durability and performance. With a net weight of 0.365 kg, this battery is a practical and functional solution that perfectly fits the professional needs of breeders and users involved in farm work or animal husbandry.


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