Intestine Casing Bag with Clip - Effective Protection During Meat Production

During the animal dissection process in the slaughterhouse, ensuring effective protection of the final intestine becomes a crucial element in maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Our Intestine Casing Bag with Clip, equipped with the innovative Bungcloser Classic Clipsystem, is an indispensable tool that not only ensures safety but also enhances efficiency in the meat production process.

The packaging includes a total of 2000 pieces, making it a practical and economical solution perfectly tailored to the requirements of meat industry enterprises. The clip, allowing easy closure, not only provides durable protection for the final intestine but also minimizes the risk of contamination and pollution of other parts of the animal.

Product Details:

  • Product Number: 1401
  • Dimensions: 49 x 30 cm
  • Film Thickness: 0.03 mm
  • Material: LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • Packaging: 1 carton / 2000 pieces

The bag is specially designed to meet the requirements of the meat industry. It is perforated and gridlined, facilitating manipulation during the animal dissection process. Thanks to the high-quality LDPE material, the bag is durable, resistant to damage, and effectively protects against contamination of other parts of the animal.

The Bungcloser Classic Clipsystem ensures not only safety but also efficiency during the meat production process. Choose our intestine casing bag with a clip and minimize the risk of contamination while simultaneously meeting the highest hygiene standards in your slaughterhouse.


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