Floor Brush for Cleaning Tile Grout

The floor brush on a pole for grout cleaning is a practical tool designed for effective floor surface maintenance. Crafted from polypropylene and polyester, it ensures durability and resistance to environmental conditions. Its special bristles with a very tough structure enable the efficient removal of dirt and contaminants from grout between tiles. With adjustable bristle height and the capability for autoclave sterilization, this tool proves to be versatile for maintaining hygiene in various environments.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Dimensions: 240 x 34 mm
Bristle height: 14-25 mm
Weight: 128 g
Bristle type: very hard
Operating temperature: -18 to +79 degrees
Autoclave Sterilization: up to +134 degrees


Data sheet

Type of bristles
Brush type
Detectable by detectors

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