High-pressure resistant lubricant

Introducing our exceptional high-pressure resistant lubricant, a product that not only provides outstanding protection against high pressure but also boasts remarkable cleaning properties. This liquid solution is a perfect choice for both use in PARTS CLEANER equipment and manual application with a spray dispenser. What's more, it has earned an NSF certificate, confirming its full compliance with standards for products used in the food industry.

Our innovative formula, based on ester fatty acids, is the secret behind our product's success. With this, we not only ensure excellent high-pressure protection but also guarantee highly effective removal of oil, grease, and other contaminants from various surfaces such as brakes, engines, and different types of tools. Our lubricating and cleaning solution also stands out for its environmental friendliness. It's free from volatile organic compounds, which is crucial for preserving nature and user health. Additionally, it meets stringent requirements for detergent regulations, in accordance with the German Federal Emission Control Regulation.

The exceptional properties of our product manifest in its swift and thorough elimination of pollutants like oil, grease, and other dirt. Its formula is extraordinarily effective while remaining compatible with various materials, allowing safe use on multiple surfaces. It's not just an ordinary cleaning agent; it's also an environmentally advantageous choice. Our product is largely biodegradable, aiding in reducing impact on ecosystems. Importantly, it maintains a neutral pH level of 9.5, facilitating precise and efficient cleaning while respecting the integrity of the treated materials.

Technical data:

Chemical base: Hydrocarbon
Base oil: Mineral oil
Color: Yellowish
Odor: Oil
Density: 0,742 g/cm³
Density - conditions: 20°C
Minimum application temperature: -25 °C
Maximum application temperature: 180 °C
Max. temperature resistance: 200 °C
Minimum ignition temperature of the active component: 300 °C
Base oil viscosity: 1500 cSt
Silicone-free: Yes
Acid-free: Yes
Resin-free: Yes
AOX-free: Yes
Resistance to: Saltwater
Weak alkalis
Weak acids
Spray water
Content: 500 ml
Container: Can
Storage from production date: 24 months

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