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Würth is a global leader in the supply and distribution of tools, consumables, technical chemicals, and innovative solutions for the industrial sector. For over 75 years, the company has been providing its customers with high-quality products and comprehensive solutions. Würth began as a small family business in Germany in 1945. Through hard work, dedication to product improvement, and a commitment to customer needs, the company quickly grew and gained the trust of customers worldwide. Today, Würth operates in over 80 countries and employs over 78,000 people.

The company offers a wide range of products, encompassing thousands of items such as hand tools, power tools, fasteners, personal protective equipment, technical chemicals, connectors, consumables, and much more. This allows customers to source everything they need to run their businesses from one place.

Würth distinguishes itself with excellent product quality and an innovative approach to development. The company invests significant resources in research and development to create new and improved solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. Würth has its own laboratories and technology centers where experts work on developing new products and testing them for compliance with the highest standards.

Customers who rely on Würth's products can be confident in their reliability, durability, and safety. The company adheres to the highest quality standards and holds numerous certifications that confirm the conformity of its products with industry norms. Würth is not only a supplier of high-quality products but also a business partner that supports its customers at every stage. The company provides technical support, training, consulting, and logistics services to ensure optimal solutions and customer satisfaction.

Würth also engages in social and environmental initiatives. The company undertakes various actions related to climate protection, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility. Würth is a well-established brand known for its professionalism, quality, and commitment. The company continuously raises the bar in delivering high-quality products and services, meeting the expectations of its customers worldwide.

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Maintenance oil, for...
Price 41.20 zł tax excl.
50.68 zł tax incl.

Improving the appearance of metallic surfaces quickly and easily.

Maintenance oil spray for stainless steel. It has a certificate of approval for use in the food industry., PREPARATION FOR THE CARE OF STAINLESS STEEL.

Price 75.40 zł tax excl.
92.74 zł tax incl.

Würth metal restoration agent. It has a certificate confirming approval for use in the food industry.

Price 89.70 zł tax excl.
110.33 zł tax incl.

For surfaces made of stainless steel, chrome, brass, anodized and enameled metal surfaces, as well as for lightweight alloys and non-ferrous metals.