Acetic Silicone, Food Grade 310M

The special high-quality sealant, known as Acetic Silicone, Food Grade 310M, is an ideal solution for the food processing and drinking water sectors, as well as for aquarium construction. This product meets the stringent requirements of the NSF/ANSI Standard 61, confirming its safety for contact with food and water intended for consumption. Rigorous testing conducted using sensors and certifications from renowned organizations such as Stegmann Laboratory and ISEGA affirm its high quality and compliance with standards.

The sealant has been tested for use in food processing and handling, as well as in the drinking water sector. The KTW test (contact of drinking water with non-metallic materials) conducted by the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene in Gelsenkirchen, along with information provided in the DVGW Worksheet W 270, confirm its effectiveness and safety in contact with drinking water and microorganisms.

Its broad range of adhesion properties allows it to be used on various substrates commonly found in the food processing sector, including artificial stone. This material is classified as B2 according to DIN 4102, attesting to its durability, resistance to atmospheric conditions, UV radiation, and aging. Furthermore, its high chemical resistance and excellent smoothing properties make it a product that is not only safe but also highly functional.

With a 10-year warranty on resistance to atmospheric conditions, UV radiation, aging, and color durability, this sealant ensures long-lasting and reliable results. Ultimately, this sealant stands out for its exceptional quality, meeting the highest standards of safety and effectiveness in the food processing, drinking water, and aquarium construction sectors.

Application Area:

  • Sealing of connections in contact with drinking water or food, e.g., in commercial kitchens, butcher shops, breweries, sales counters, and refrigerators.
  • Without primer: Enamel, tiles, glass, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and synthetic stone.
  • With primer: Uncoated, powder-coated aluminum (not painted), chrome, hard PVC, uncoated, painted, and polished wood.

Technical data:

Container Insert
Content 310 ml
Chemical Base Silicones with acid-based crosslinking system (acetoxy systems)
Color Transparent
Density/Conditions 1.04 g/cm³ / 20°C
Permissible Deformation 25 %
Shore Type A Hardness 25
Min./Max. Application Temperature 5 to 40 °C
Min./Max. Temperature Resistance -40 to 180 °C
Min./Max. Full Curing Speed/Conditions 2-3 mm/day / At 23°C and 50% relative air humidity
Min. Skin Formation Time 10 min
Skin Formation Time – Conditions At 23°C and 50% relative air humidity
Min. Elongation at Break 500 %
Fungicidal Properties No
Building Material Class/Conditions B2 / Meets DIN 4102 requirements

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