Adhesion-Enhancing Degreaser

This product is a highly efficient pre-cleaning agent and adhesion promoter, specially formulated for HHS products. It is characterized by its effective cleaning performance, speed, and efficacy in removing even the most stubborn contaminants. It functions as a primer, improving the adhesion of lubricants, extending lubrication intervals, and saving time and money. The product features a short evaporation time, minimizing downtime of processed parts and eliminating the need for double application. It exhibits good material compatibility with various surfaces, offering a wide range of applications without causing seal swelling. The direct-stream spray nozzle enables targeted and precise cleaning of contaminated parts. The product is free from acetone, AOX, and silicone, ensuring safety for diverse applications. Its area of application includes the preliminary treatment of heavily soiled lubrication points, such as thick and contaminated grease, residual oil, resin, wax, and many others.

Benefits of Using:

  • Fast and effective.
  • Thoroughly removes even strong dirt.
  • Improves grease adhesion.
  • Extends lubrication intervals.
  • Reduces costs and shortens working time.
  • Efficient operation.
  • Shorter downtime for lubricated parts.
  • No need for repeated actions.
  • Non-aggressive to most surfaces.
  • Very wide range of applications.
  • Does not weaken seals.
  • Precise, spot cleaning of dirty areas.

Technical data:

Content 500 ml
Base Oil Mineral Oil
Color Colorless, transparent
Scent Characteristics
Density 0.76 g/cm³
Density - Conditions 20°C
pH Value 8
Min. Application Temperature 5 °C
Max. Application Temperature 40 °C
Silicone-Free Yes
Acetone-Free Yes
AOX-Free Yes
Storage from Production Date 24 Months

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