Aparat ubojowy JP6, radical
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The JP-6 slaughterhouse has non-slip grooves ensuring
better grip, as well as a new housing guaranteeing increased durability,
Service life and protection against corrosion. The JP-6 model is characterized by easy
disassembly and maintenance.
Technical parameters:
• Caliber: 9x20 JAT
• Length: 320 mm
• Width: 42 mm
• Weight: 2.3 kg
• Piston discharge approx. 50 mm
• Piston speed 45 ms-1

The apparatus is used for ante-mortem mechanical stunning of slaughter animals in farm and production conditions. The gas pressure caused by the firing of the cartridge primer causes the mandrel to be ejected rapidly. The mandrel hitting the head of the animal deprives it of its witnesses


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