Cartridges for the JP-6 slaughter gun

Cartridges dedicated to the JP-6 slaughter gun are a reliable source of ammunition, perfectly tailored to the specifics and requirements associated with the process of slaughtering animals. This package containing 50 cartridges of 9x20 mm each provides a comprehensive solution for professionals engaged in slaughtering.

The dimensions of the packaging, with a diameter of 6.8 cm and a height of 4.1 cm, are carefully adjusted to ensure practical storage and easy transportation. The appropriate size of the loads makes these cartridges versatile and effective in various conditions.

The cartridges for the JP-6 slaughter gun stand out with a packaging weight of 254 g, making them light and easy to handle. The EAN code 8590690351244 facilitates unequivocal product identification.

Thanks to high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to safety standards, these cartridges are an essential part of the equipment for professionals in the butchery industry. Precisely tailored to user needs, they guarantee effectiveness and reliability, ensuring a professional approach to the process of animal slaughtering.

Technical data:

Packaging dimensions: 6.8 cm x 4.1 cm (diameter x height)
Load size: 9x20 mm
Number of cartridges: 50
Packaging weight: 254 g
EAN code: 8590690351244
JAT 9x20

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