Cutting disc for a butchering saw, SK 18 WB

Our cutting discs for butchering saws are of high quality and made from stainless steel. They perform exceptionally well with various types of meat products, such as pork, beef, veal, lamb, and mutton.

The SK 18 WB cutting disc for a butchering saw has a diameter of 18 cm and features a toothed design. It is manufactured by EFA, a company specializing in the production of butchering equipment, saws, and shears. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, EFA equipment is recognized as professional tools in the meat processing industry.

This cutting disc belongs to type E and is specifically designed for low-speed electric butchering saws, like the EFA SK 18 WB model. It has a diameter of 180 mm. The special tooth configuration ensures reduced noise emission

In descrbing our products, we emphasize their reliability, durability, and ability to provide high-quality meat cutting. Our cutting discs for butchering saws are essential tools for professional meat processing facilities, guaranteeing efficiency and precision in the meat butchering process.

Technical data:

Disc diameter: 180 mm
Teeth type: special
Noise emision:  low
Type: E

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