Elastrator for castrating animals

The Elastrator is used for bloodless castration of livestock, primarily cattle, pigs, and sheep. The device stretches rubber rings in four directions, making the application easier and faster. The instrument is made of forged nickel-plated steel.

The shape and size of the applicator ensure a secure grip, allowing for easy and precise manipulation.

Kerbl's Elastrator for rubber rings is a reliable and effective method of castration.

Kerbl's Elastrator for rubber rings is a professional tool that ensures reliability and ease of use during the castration process. The unique construction, made entirely of galvanized metal, guarantees durability and effectiveness in any conditions.

Applying rings becomes simpler and faster with the use of this elastrator. The robust construction makes this tool excellent for bloodless castration, providing safety and comfort for both the animals and the user.

The galvanized metal of the elastrator ensures resistance to weather conditions and durability, making it a reliable partner during castration operations. Precision engineering and ergonomic design make this tool meet the expectations of professionals involved in animal husbandry.

Kerbl's Elastrator for rubber rings is not just a tool; it is a guarantee of effectiveness and safety in the castration process. The Kerbl brand, known for its commitment to producing high-quality livestock tools, provides solutions tailored to the needs of farmers and veterinarians. This product is an investment in efficient and safe farming practices, confirmed not only by its reliability but also by its galvanized construction, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.


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