Conveyor Guide Roller (Wheel)

The conveyor guide roller (wheel) is a crucial part of chain conveyor systems, commonly used in slaughter lines for pigs and cattle, conveyors in refrigeration units, and communication corridors.

Available in two variants with or without a collar, depending on the conveyor construction. The design and dimensions are typically consistent across devices from Wamma and other Polish as well as international manufacturers.

Made from high-quality polypropylene, this roller ensures durability and reliability in challenging industrial conditions.

This robust guide roller is an ideal solution for the efficient and trouble-free guidance of conveyor chains.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene
Weight: 106g
Collar Diameter: 8 cm
Outer Diameter: 6 cm
Inner Diameter: 1,4 cm
Depth: 2.8 cm


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