Water sterilizer for knives and steel plates

An electric device intended for the sterilization of various work tools in meat and fish plants, supermarkets and gastronomy. Made of stainless steel, it has a removable steel insert, which allows the sterilization of larger instruments. As standard, the device is designed for water sterilization of eight knives and two steel stays. Double-walled casing insulated with polystyrene. The device is equipped with a dial thermometer and a connection and a water drain are needed for proper functioning.

Characteristics of the sterilizer:

  • Dial thermometer
  • Double wall, insulated sterilizer
  • Overflow pipe to prevent water from spilling out
  • The possibility of sterilization of larger tools, e.g. axes, cleavers, etc., after removing the steel insert

Technical data:

Material: Stainless Steel 1.4301
Dimensions: 287 x 233 x 370 mm (S x g x W)
Weight: 8 kg
Temperature range: 0-82 degrees Celsius
Capacity: 8 knives i 2 sharpening steel
Water supply: 1/2 inch
Sewage installation: 1/2 inch
Maximum blade length: 23 cm


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