Water Sterilizer Thermometer

The water sterilizer thermometer is a precise tool that allows for monitoring temperature during the sterilization process. With this instrument, you ensure effective and safe conditions for sterilized materials, caring for their integrity and adhering to sanitary standards.

This thermometer is characterized by high measurement precision, and its 63 mm dial diameter enables clear readings. The temperature range from 0 to 120 degrees Celsius allows for adaptation to various types of sterilization, providing full control over the process. The 1/2-inch thread facilitates the thermometer's installation, while the 40 mm sleeve ensures stability and durability.

With a lightweight design of only 0.1 kg, the thermometer is easy to handle while offering robust construction. It is an indispensable tool for professional medical facilities, laboratories, or any place where strict sterilization standards are maintained. By ensuring full control over the temperature, the water sterilizer thermometer supports efficient and safe sterilization processes.

Technical data:

Dial diameter 63 mm
Temperature range 0-120 degrees Celsius
Thread 1/2 inch
Sleeve 40 mm
Weight 0.1 kg


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