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  • 318.00 zł - 7,458.00 zł

Sometimes, even in professional kitchens, a commercial microwave oven significantly facilitates work. However, for it to function well, it's worth investing in high-quality reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers. Carefully selected commercial microwave ovens designed for industrial use can be found in the offering of our online store Wammashop.pl. Check out what we have prepared for our customers!

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Półka ścienna 520x400, StCrNi Bartscher 174520
Price 259.00 zł tax excl.
318.57 zł tax incl.

The chromed-nickel wall shelf with dimensions of 520x400 mm is a sturdy and functional solution for organizing space, ensuring durability and the ability to store various items with a maximum load capacity of 40 kg. It is perfect for use in kitchens or other rooms where an additional workspace is needed.

Microwave oven CYF, 25L,...
Price 1,776.00 zł tax excl.
2,184.48 zł tax incl.

The microwave oven CYF 25L, Bartscheris a modern and versatile kitchen appliance that offers a large capacity, precise control, a variety of cooking options, and an elegant appearance. It's the perfect solution for a modern kitchen, allowing for quick and efficient preparation of delicious dishes.

Microwave oven 25L, 1000W Bartscher 610182
Price 1,745.00 zł tax excl.
2,146.35 zł tax incl.

The microwave oven 25L Bartscher is a practical and functional device that provides a large capacity, precise control, and quick food preparation.

Kuchenka mikrofalowa 23L, 900W Bartscher 610836
Price 653.00 zł tax excl.
803.19 zł tax incl.

The microwave oven 23-liter is a practical appliance that allows for quick and convenient food reheating. Its sturdy stainless steel construction and interior lighting make it a functional kitchen tool.

Microwave Oven with Grill Function, 20L, 230V/1050W, HENDI 281710
Hendi Tools for Chefs
Price 679.00 zł tax excl.
835.17 zł tax incl.

The HENDI microwave oven with a grill function is a modern and multifunctional device, offering extensive culinary possibilities and durability thanks to high-quality stainless steel. It is ideal for small gastronomic establishments.

Commercial Microwave - What Sets It Apart?

An industrial microwave should be primarily adapted for intensive use. In a gastronomic setting, there is often the need to reheat one dish after another, which can significantly strain poorly chosen equipment. Among the assortment of our online store, Wammashop.pl, you will find only top-quality proven products that operate very efficiently even in the case of large professional kitchens. These are commercial microwave ovens from Bartscher and Sirman. All proposals from these brands are characterized by durability and solid construction from durable, easy-to-clean materials. This ensures that the devices will serve you well for a long time.

Another characteristic of a commercial microwave is high power. Devices with power up to 900 and 1000 W will ensure smooth operation in gastronomic establishments. This type of equipment will allow you to reheat almost any dish without losing its flavor. When looking for functional devices, it is also worth paying attention to additional options. One of the most useful is the defrosting function, which can significantly facilitate the quick serving of dishes ordered by guests.

Industrial Microwave - Which One Will Be Best for You?

A commercial microwave oven should also be well suited to the kitchen in terms of dimensions. The oven should accommodate the dishes that the chef uses daily. Devices with a capacity of 25 liters are a common choice. Also, pay attention to how well it fits with the rest of the kitchen equipment. This way, you will create an aesthetic and functional space where work will be more comfortable. Another important feature that a practical commercial microwave should stand out for is intuitive operation. Therefore, opt for a device equipped with convenient knobs that will allow you to precisely adjust the parameters - heating time and power. An LED display is also a great convenience, allowing you to maintain control over the heated meal. This way, you will better ensure guest satisfaction.

The commercial microwave in your restaurant should stand out for its high technical parameters and durability. This way, it will serve well even in the case of very high traffic in the establishment. You can find devices that will allow you to professionally handle thermal processing in professional kitchens in the offer of our gastronomy store, Wammashop.pl. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details!