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Termos 2L-ST Bartscher Nr art.190116
Price 71.00 zł tax excl.
87.33 zł tax incl.

The Bartscher 2L thermos is a practical solution for those who appreciate the convenience of enjoying their favorite beverages anywhere. Its capacity, compact dimensions, and double walls for temperature retention make it an irreplaceable accessory for daily use. Although it doesn't feature a pump, its user-friendliness and modern design meet the expectations of many users. Now you can savor fresh beverages on the go, at work, or during a picnic, thanks to this reliable thermos.

Termos z pompką 1,9L-ST Bartscher Nr art.190117
Price 116.00 zł tax excl.
142.68 zł tax incl.

Bartscher's 1.9L thermos with a pump is an excellent solution for all those who love hot beverages on the go, at work, or outdoors. Its capacity, efficient pump, robust construction, and temperature retention properties make it an invaluable accessory. Whether you need that early morning coffee kick or a warm tea during a long walk, this thermos ensures excellent taste experiences, always and everywhere.

Dzbanek szklany 1,8l Bartscher Nr art.190133
Price 57.00 zł tax excl.
70.11 zł tax incl.

The 1.8-liter glass pitcher by Bartscher is not only an elegant and designer addition to your table but also a practical solution for serving various beverages. Its compact size, lightweight design, and durable construction make it perfect for everyday use. Without unnecessary extras or complicated features, this pitcher is easy to use and ideal for serving water, juices, and tea.

Podstawa serwisowa do kawy Bartscher 1190 Nr art.190153
Price 146.00 zł tax excl.
179.58 zł tax incl.

Coffee Service Stand by Bartscher is an elegant and functional product designed to facilitate coffee service on various occasions. With its 5 compartments for coffee accessories and an adjustable base, you can easily organize your coffee service according to your preferences and needs. It's the perfect addition for professional coffee service points as well as for coffee enthusiasts during gatherings with friends and family.

Podstawa serwisowa do kawy 2190 Bartscher Nr art.190154
Price 231.00 zł tax excl.
284.13 zł tax incl.

Functional Coffee Service Base: 5 Compartments for Cups, Spoons/Stirrers, Milk, and Sugar. Plastic Bases with Adjustable Height in 3 Levels. Includes 2 Drip Trays. 2 Plastic Thermos Stands with Adjustable Height in Three Levels.