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  • 7.00 zł - 650.00 zł

A pressure washer lance is required to connect the gun to a washer or hose. It is important that this part is carefully matched to the rest of the equipment. Only in this way will you achieve the results you want. In the Wammashop.pl online store you will find various nozzles for a pressure washer that will make it easier for you to clean restaurants and food industry plants.

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Osłona dyszy ze stali nierdzewnej
Price 29.00 zł tax excl.
35.67 zł tax incl.

The 1/4-inch Stainless Steel Lance Nozzle Cover is an essential piece of equipment for professionals, providing robust protection and maintaining hygienic working conditions.

Dysza ze stali nierdzewnej do płukania 1/4" 25/30 - kątowa
Price 31.00 zł tax excl.
38.13 zł tax incl.

The stainless steel spackling rinsing nozzle is a reliable tool that enables precise and effective work. With its durable material and precise technical parameters, this nozzle is an excellent choice for professionals, providing not only performance but also durability in daily use.

Osłona dyszy do płukania
Price 6.00 zł tax excl.
7.38 zł tax incl.

The 1/4-inch Rinse Nozzle Cover is an indispensable accessory for professionals, offering two color options for different rinsing techniques.

Suction lance with hose...
Price 168.00 zł tax excl.
206.64 zł tax incl.

The suction tube is used to suck in chemicals and thanks to the use of a strainer, it prevents dirt from entering the system.

Material - Stainless steel, PVC, Length - 500mm + 1,000mm Hose, Weight - 420g, Suction tube included

Washer nozzles - how to choose?

First of all, the end of the pressure hose should be compatible with the rest of the cleaning equipment. Thanks to this, there will be no leakage or blockage of the water stream. It is also extremely important that the lance for the washer is carefully made. The offers available in our online store will prove to be reliable and will help you keep order inside the premises of the processing plant. We offer, among others, a suction lance that sucks liquid from a tank with a foaming solution, an attachment designed for various types of rinsing or a part for applying foam. Check what we have prepared for you and take advantage of our offer.