Flushing nozzle cover

The 1/4-inch Flushing nozzle cover is an innovative product made from antibacterial polypropylene. Designed to cater to different rinsing needs, it is available in two color variants - green, dedicated to point rinsing, and blue, ideal for spatula rinsing.

The antibacterial polypropylene material ensures not only durability but also provides hygienic conditions for using the product. The cover, with a diameter of 14 mm, precisely shields the nozzle during the rinsing process, contributing to maintaining cleanliness and safety in the workplace. Its lightweight, 9-gram construction makes it comfortable for use.

Technical data:

Material: Antibacterial Polypropylene
Diameter: 14 mm
Weight: 9 g
Green Color: Point Rinse
Blue Color: Spatula Rinse

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