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Nadstawa chłodnicza SushiBar GL2-1800 Bartscher 110135G
Price 4,362.00 zł tax excl.
5,365.26 zł tax incl.

The cooling top unit sushiBar GL2-1800 is a modern and innovative solution for restaurants and establishments serving sushi. With precise control, protective glass, and eye-catching LED lighting, the product ensures not only storage but also an attractive presentation of dishes.

Witryna chłodnicza 67L Bartscher 700211G
Price 3,426.00 zł tax excl.
4,213.98 zł tax incl.

The refrigerated display case 67L is an advanced device with a modern design that offers precise temperature control, excellent food product exposure, and many features to facilitate its maintenance in perfect condition. It is ideally suited for professional gastronomic establishments.

Witryna chłodnicza 40L-SBO Bartscher 700219G
Price 2,712.00 zł tax excl.
3,335.76 zł tax incl.

The refrigerated display case 40L-SBO is a versatile solution for storing and showcasing food products in a professional environment. Its precise temperature control, attractive presentation, and automatic defrost function make it the perfect tool for businesses that value the quality of food storage and presentation.