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Each dish requires the use of appropriate kitchen utensils, such as, for example, fish fillet knives. With their help, fish of any species will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for further processing. If you want to be sure that you only use professional fish filleting knives, see the details of our Wamma offer.

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IVO fish filleting knife,...
Price 32.50 zł tax excl.
39.98 zł tax incl.

Tribune knife, straight blade. Blade length 21 cm.

This high-quality knife has a straight, thin, ultra- sharp blade that precisely separates bones from meat. Perfect for meat and fish plants.

Available from stock or within 3 working days.

IVO removing head knife 21 cm
Price 35.00 zł tax excl.
43.05 zł tax incl.

Removing head knife, straight blade, stiff, blade length 21 cm.

This high-quality knife has a straight, extremely sharp blade that allows precise and safe work. Perfect for fish factories.

Available from stock or within 3 working days.

What makes a fish filleting knife different?

Fish filleting knives will greatly facilitate the preparation of fish for consumption. Their precise, flexible blades will reach every piece of meat and separate them from the bones and skin. This way you can easily separate the fillets. This greatly improves and simplifies the subsequent preparation of dishes from them. Just eating carefully filleted fish is also more enjoyable. Everyone will find a professional fish filleting knife in our offer. We mainly present offers from brands known to chefs, such as Giesser, Victorinox or IVO. Each of our fish filleting knives is therefore characterized by careful workmanship and high efficiency in use.

What should you consider when choosing your fish knives?

Particular knives for filleting fish meat differ from each other in some parameters. Models are available with varying degrees of flexibility and length. These aspects should be adapted to the mode of operation, individual expectations, as well as the specificity of specific species of fish. For example, a knife dedicated to slicing salmon will be different, and a knife dedicated to de-head fish. However, it is always worth checking whether the meat filleting knife has a handle made of non-slip material. This allows you to increase control over machining movements. It is extremely important to work with the fish accurately. It is also important what type of steel the knife blade is made of. It is worth choosing high-quality products that will serve you for a very long time. We have prepared fish filleting knives that meet the above standards in our Wamma online store.