Narrow fillet knife , 21 cm, 9218 UG

Morakniv brand's Fillet Knife, featuring a narrow 21 cm blade and identified as model 9218 UG, is a high-quality tool dedicated to meat processing facilities. It has been specifically designed for professionals who demand precision and excellent results when filleting meat. This knife is a reliable tool that delivers efficient and satisfying outcomes. The 9218 UG Fillet Knife is equipped with a Uni-Grip handle made of durable polyamide (PA) material. This ergonomically designed handle ensures a secure grip and comfortable usage, even in challenging conditions. This makes it easy to control the knife, which is crucial for precise filleting tasks.

The blade of this knife, measuring 21 cm (212 mm) in length, is crafted from resilient stainless steel. Its semi-flexible construction makes it ideal for precise meat filleting, providing not only precise cutting but also the necessary flexibility when working with delicate meat parts. The blade has a thickness of 1.9 mm, ensuring durability and precise cutting performance. The total length of the knife is 345 mm, offering convenience and control during use. Weighing only 104.9 g, the knife is lightweight, making it comfortable and easy to maneuver. This is essential for professionals who frequently engage in complex meat filleting tasks over extended periods.

The 9218 UG knife is also characterized by its high hardness level of 58 HRC, which translates to durability and long-lasting sharpness. Regardless of the intensity of use, the knife retains its sharpness for longer, minimizing the need for frequent sharpening and ensuring effective and efficient filleting. This professional fillet knife, model 9218 UG, is a reliable tool known for its excellent craftsmanship, precision, and user-friendly design. With this knife, professionals in the meat industry can achieve outstanding results when filleting meat.

Technical data:

Handle type: Uni-Grip
Handle material: PA - polyamide
Blade length: 21 cm
Type of steel: stainless steel
Blade length: 212 mm
Knife length: 345 mm
Type of blade: semi-flexible
Hardness: 58 HRC
Made for: food industry
blade thickness: 1,9 mm
Weight: 104,9 g

Data sheet

Blade flexibility
Blade type
Standard blade
Blade length

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