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Szafka grzewcza, jednodrzwiowa, 55-60 talerzy Bartscher 103063
Price 1,495.00 zł tax excl.
1,838.85 zł tax incl.

The plate warming cabinet is a reliable solution for plate storage and heating in the gastronomy industry. With electronic temperature control and an adjustable shelf, it can be customized for various types of plates, ensuring that dishes are served on warm plates to customers.

Szafka grzewcza, jednodrzwiowa, 25-30 talerzy Bartscher 103064
Price 1,214.00 zł tax excl.
1,493.22 zł tax incl.

The plate warming cabinet by Bartscher is a professional device that ensures not only plate storage but also plate heating at the ideal temperature. With electronic control, adjustable shelving, and a sturdy construction, it proves to be an invaluable asset in the gastronomy industry.

Szafka grzewcza, dwudrzwiowa, 110-120 talerzy Bartscher 103122
Price 2,490.00 zł tax excl.
3,062.70 zł tax incl.

Bartscher Heated Cabinet is a professional solution for storing and heating dishes in restaurants and foodservice establishments. With its large capacity, precise temperature control, and sturdy construction, it enables efficient management of the served meals

Półka 650, szer.350  Bartscher, Nr art.112030
Price 465.00 zł tax excl.
571.95 zł tax incl.

The Bartscher 650 series shelf is a solid and stylish solution for organizing spaces in various rooms. Its durable construction and universal application make it perfect as part of the kitchen, pantry, or other spaces. Whether you need a place for groceries, tools, or other items, this shelf provides convenience and functionality.

Półka 650, szer.400 Bartscher, Nr art.112031
Price 528.00 zł tax excl.
649.44 zł tax incl.

The Bartscher 650 shelf is a reliable and stylish solution for organizing space in your kitchen and other areas. Its sturdy construction and versatile application make it an excellent addition to various interiors. Whether you need additional storage in the kitchen, pantry, or warehouse, this shelf will provide you with convenience and functionality.

Półka ścienna BK Rilling,  ABK 03
Price 504.00 zł tax excl.
619.92 zł tax incl.

BK wall shelf with a bend at the back up, with consoles.

Furniture and cabinets. In this category you will find models without and with doors.