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Zamrażarka TKS38 Bartscher 700078
Price 777.00 zł tax excl.
955.71 zł tax incl.

The deep freezer TKS38, Bartscher is a compact device, ideal for small spaces. Its low energy consumption, efficient cooling, and temperature control make it an excellent choice for those who need to store frozen products in optimal conditions.

Zamrażarka 196L Bartscher 700341
Price 2,490.00 zł tax excl.
3,062.70 zł tax incl.

The 196-liter capacity freezer from Bartscher is an efficient and economical device for storing frozen items. It offers a spacious and well-organized internal space with six drawers, making it easy to keep things in order. Additionally, its low energy consumption and the ability to adjust the temperature make it environmentally friendly and practical to use. This freezer is perfect for those looking for an efficient and reliable appliance with ample storage capacity.

Zamrażarka szokowa AL5, 5x1/1GN Bartscher 700605
Price 14,970.00 zł tax excl.
18,413.10 zł tax incl.

Bartscher shock freezer is a professional solution for the rapid cooling and freezing of food products. Thanks to its high productivity, the ability to process multiple products at once, and its low energy consumption, it is an excellent tool for businesses in the food industry, restaurants, and industrial kitchens. It provides rapid cooling and freezing while preserving the quality and freshness of the products.

Szafa mroźnicza 700L GN210 Bartscher 700803
Price 11,073.00 zł tax excl.
13,619.79 zł tax incl.

Bartscher Freezer Cabinet is a reliable and capacious appliance, perfect for professionally storing frozen products. With precise temperature control and convenient features, it ensures excellent storage conditions in any environment. This freezer cabinet is indispensable for the gastronomy and other industries where maintaining low temperatures is essential.

Zamrażarka 368LW Bartscher 700963
Price 3,426.00 zł tax excl.
4,213.98 zł tax incl.

The  freezer Bartscher is a spacious and efficient appliance for storing food at low temperatures. With its large capacity, temperature control options, and energy efficiency, it is ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, and other locations where maintaining low storage temperatures is essential.

Zamrażarka 458LW Bartscher 700966
Price 4,050.00 zł tax excl.
4,981.50 zł tax incl.

Bartscher's freezer is a powerful refrigeration unit, perfect for businesses requiring significant storage space for frozen products. With the ability to regulate temperature and low energy consumption, it represents an excellent investment for the gastronomic industry and retail. With its substantial capacity, you can efficiently store products while maintaining them under optimal conditions.