• Multi-station washbasins with a knee valve

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  • 4,685.00 zł - 9,301.00 zł

If you employ many employees, a multi-station washbasin will positively affect their work efficiency. Choose the highest-quality three-chamber gastronomic sink from our online store Wammashop.pl and enjoy the effects.

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Why is it worth choosing multi-stand washbasins?

A stainless steel multi-station washbasin will help you avoid downtime at work. Access to several positions will significantly increase the comfort of employees who will not have to wait in line to use the sink. The built-in photocell will make it much easier to use, and high-quality steel will ensure durability.

A three-chamber gastronomic sink - where will it work best?

The size of the sink you choose depends primarily on the size and number of employees. In a small restaurant, you only need a two-position washbasin or a three-chamber sink, and in a large processing plant, a larger model will be better. Each gutter sink in your premises should come from proven sources, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer.