Weight 3 kg
Dimensions (height / width / length) [cm] 48.5x31x6
Production country Poland
IP protection class IP 21
Supply voltage 230V / 50 Hz
Shock net No
Foiled fluorescent lamp Yes
Glaring voltage n / a
The power of fluorescent lamps 30 watts
Number of light sources 2x15
Luring range [m²] 80

The slim silhouette of the device makes the lamp suitable for installation at various points - from industrial surfaces to public places. Can be mounted to the wall as well as suspended from the ceiling. The glue insert, in relation to the size of the entire lamp, is very large and occupies the entire rear wall of the structure. The UVA fluorescent lamps used are foiled as standard, have a power of 15 W each and give the lamp a range of 80 m2 . An additional advantage is the material from which it is made - stainless steel , ensuring easy cleaning and a permanent, attractive appearance. The lamp has a 2-year warranty.


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