GW/GZ 1/2 inch 1.5m ULTRA HYGIENIC Connection Hose

The GW/GZ 1/2 inch 1.5-meter connection hose is designed to meet your highest expectations in central cleaning systems for the food, fish, and meat industries. This hose fulfills the most stringent requirements for quality, convenience, and hygiene. The materials used, such as PVC, polyester, stainless steel, and Teflon, not only ensure reliability but also guarantee safety and hygiene. It is perfect for any food, fish, or meat industry business that values cleanliness and efficiency

The GW/GZ connection hose is designed for easy and secure connections. It features an internal thread on one end and an external thread on the other end, providing flexibility and compatibility with various systems. This secure and durable connection is key to efficiency and safety. The hose's wall thickness of 5 mm indicates durability and resistance to damage. With a maximum pressure of 50 bar, it is ideal for intensive industrial applications.

The operating temperature of the hose ranges from -10°C to 70°C, meaning you can use it in various environmental conditions without concerns about its durability or functionality. The GW/GZ 1/2 inch 1.5-meter connection hose is not just a tool; it is a symbol of reliability, effectiveness, and professionalism in the food, fish, and meat industries. It meets the highest hygiene and quality standards, providing you with full confidence and satisfaction during daily tasks.

Dane techniczne:

Material: PVC, Polyester, Stainless Steel, Teflon
Diameter: 1/2 inch
Length: 1.5 meters
Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Hose Wall Thickness: 5 mm
Maximum Pressure: 50 bar
Weight: 729 g
Thread: Internal and External Thread

Data sheet

Type of pressure
High pressure

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